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Professional Recruitment Solutions

Direct Hire

If you are searching for someone to employ on a full time basis, we will take the time to understand the responsibilities of the position, your company culture, unique success factors and align it with a pre-qualified, highly skilled and experienced candidate. 


If you are hiring to bridge a gap due to employee turnover, a leave of absence, vacation, project staffing, seasonal or peak workloads, Cumberland Search has experienced candidates available immediately to help bridge those gaps.

Contract to Hire

If you would like to hire someone on a temporary basis with the possibility of employing them full-time to ensure they are a match, Cumberland Search offers contract-to-hire services for that purpose.


Free Consultation

Whether you need help with market pay rates, deciding which recruiting option is right for you or gathering intel on the labor market, our knowledge is free and we welcome your contact.

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Professional Recruitment Solutions

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